Snowflake Obsidian Tunic

Snowflake Obsidian Tunic


Yo! I woke up this morning, put this sweater on, and now I’m thinking about how I can receive an equal exchange for my art and my work as an anti-capitalist. So, this pattern is for sale, on the website I pay for to do commerce on. ( and if you are interested in slow fashion, in making your own stuff,diy culture, traditional skills, this is a tool to help you to do that- it’s a pattern, I put a lot of work into processing the fiber from fleece, spinning the yarn, knitting the sweater and writing the pattern, I hope you can dig it. As a queer woc living in late stage capitalism I recognize that I am needing to receive something for the work I put out, if you have the monetary means to interact with my work, I invite you to do so, and, if you don’t, but totally fuq with this type of way, email me, and we can trade, yah?

This is the knitting pattern for the oversized snowflake obsidian tunic.

using 6 different colors, and about 1000 yards of bulky weight yarn.

This sweater came to me as I was trying to figure out how to use all of my single skeins of hand spun yarn. I paired colors I liked and voila! the tunic was born, this is the coziest, comfort sweater i’ve ever owned. if you’re a handspinner there’s nothing like wrapping up in work you’ve taken from fleece to fabric.

I worked on this sweater everywhere I went to it uses simple color-work, and clever striping, a rounded yoke and a top down approach for easy on the go knitting.

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