Internet Update (dec 7)


Hi there. 

If you are reading this, you have successfully hopped the train while it is in full motion! 

What I mean is, thank you. 

Thank you for paying attention while my website, etsy page, facebook, pinterest, and mailchimp accounts are all in transition to looking the way I eventually want them to look. 


I am slowly making progress on the way everything is layed out while Simeon sleeps. even though what I'd really like to be doing is knitting. 


we now have an email sign-up! 

this is where I will be sending out special coupon codes, secret promotions and other offers of that nature. 

you can access the form at the bottom of this website ( 

somewhere on my etsy page (though I could not, at this point tell you where)

and on the facebook page! (should be in the left side bar underneath the profile picture)



Someone want to test it out?

Lauren McElroy