my story


My home business is located in the beautiful rolling hills of rural Wisconsin. The occupied land that is the traditional and ancestral home of the oceti sakowin (sioux), Ho- chunk,  sauk and meskwaki peoples.

I am deeply moved by natural beauty, and pure aliveness that the land offers.   Thank you for being a part of my dream. 

What is my dream exactly? 

Well, I realized- I love to knit.  So it definitely involves knitting- I love it when other people use my patterns and I can keep designing and inventing. I envision my business as one that uplifts and empowers women, and especially women of color.  I will definitely be using this attention-getting gift of mine to share my ideas for a world where we all (human, and non-human life) are able to express our innate purpose of being deeply connected to each other.

I recently picked up spinning, and love the feel of the fiber as it twists in my fingers. I knew, when I began to knit that it was only a matter of time before I wanted to master the whole process.  So, here I am, starting from scratch, hand skirting, washing, picking, carding and spinning fibers into yarn. yarn that can then make masterful pieces of wearable art. 

This passion is a calling to know and live my life according to the deep truth that everything is alive, calling us into our calling, reminding us to resonate and point to the divine. 


My mother is an amazing seamstress and quilter. Naturally as a teenager I thought anything that my mom did was lame, as a result I now am an awful sewer, but I learned to knit from an elder and teacher by the name of Kat. I am truly grateful for her teaching and glad I am now able to  channel my creative clothing taste, and passion through the media of yarn. 
I have a young son (as you may have noticed in the baby photos), and I wonder if he is eventually going to reject my passion. But for now, I will keep stuffing him into sweet tiny sweaters and covering his baby head with soft merino hats.

I am inspired by earth tones, and organic fibers.
I use organic and natural fibers because I believe that they are the best for the human who is wearing them, and in consideration for the all the other non-human beings that need to be considered when creating fibers.  When we think of reducing our "negative" impact on the multiverse, or our "carbon footprint" we usually go first to our cars, and our food, and our waste in our homes. I am here offering a passion and a desire for clothing that reflects the belief that this place matters, and that we can change our relationship with the world to be in right relationship. 

Knitting, and spinning, working with natural fibers is an outlet and a fuel for me to do the work that I came into this world to do. I want to make a difference,  and all of this is a huge part of it. Thank you for being part of the dream of a new world we all know in our hearts, is possible.




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