Photoshoot, video session and patterns galore! (Jan 27)

The very talented Franki Ludwig of Milwaukee took some photos of the new things that I was furiously knitting. She not only took gorgeous photos, she did all the touch-up work, and really captured the lovely essence of Tia Gordon.  she even took a photo of me! 

The cowl that is pictured here is knit in a very fluffy and warm merino wool. 

it will soon be up and available to everyone on the website, but for now, it is remaining in the stash of items to take to the midwest women's herbal conference. (so excited)


but, I did list some new items, and updated some old. Like these legwarmers, with the option of just a boot cuff. 

Since the photo shoot, I have made a pair of purple leg warmers that I am very, very tempted to keep for myself. I do love purple. 

All of this knitting is giving me more and more oppurtunity to finalize the listings, see what works and what doesn't, and to express my creativity. 


I don't want to release all the pretty pictures at once! so I will wait a bit for some of the other items, that are not quite ready yet.

though, I will say, that I have, in the works, a video on how to do the herringbone stitch, a FREE pattern for the new cowl featuring said stitch, another pattern for cabled fingerless mitts featuring the innovative pinky hole, and updates on moving into a new house! where all my yarn is organized by color and type!


Need I say stay tuned? 


Lauren McElroy