Respect (Look again)

I regret to inform you that I forgot to take any pictures while attending the midwest women’s herbal conferenc. I can assure you however that I was indeed there. Mother of Purl had a booth where I displayed most everything that I have been working hard on in the past year. It was very clear that I had more than enough pieces to show- and to think that I was worried I would not have enough for the conference! only half of my stuff fit on the table, so some items lay deep in the tote that I brought with all of my clothing. 

It was of course very hot that weekend, 90 degrees on saturday and 80 friday and sunday, so naturally people were not exactly drawn to my woolen garments- I did however sell some cotton ones. note to self- more cotton. 

The conference being the event I look forward to most all year round,  I of course was drawn to so many aspects of the weekend. Immersing myself in an experience and learning from wise women. My intention for the conference was met whole heartedly and I cherish every irreplaceable memory.

The connections made with the women, spoken and unspoken, and the refreshed reverence for our plant teachers and allies were forged and renewed again this year- never has there been enough time there, and I am always sad that it must end. But I do carry still the spirit of the weekend with my sisters forward into this next phase of life, and look forward to next year when we are all back together again. 

It's interesting, in the early years I was so hungry to learn all the plants, their constituents and actions- but this year, I was so contented and comforted to learn to look at plants I already "knew" in a new light.  Some of note include, but are not limited to, Violet, Mullien, Plantain, Cleavers, Motherwort, and Valerian. 

As I was sitting at my booth, wondering why people kept admiring wholeheartedly my garments, but did not  move to purchase, feeling  small, and not good enough- Valerian told me, that even if all my efforts seem small, when you zoom out they make up a tall, strong and beautiful whole. So,

up next: Traditional ways gathering in northern Wisconsin, where I will be teaching, not one, not two but three classes on knitting, A beginners course, an intermediate course focused on sock knitting, and a course for budding designers who already understand the nature of knit. 


I am open to ideas about what you might like to learn at a knitting workshop!

Lauren McElroy