Free Pattern! Mairzy Doats Baby Cardigan!

Introducing Mairzy doats! free exclusively to!

I had a ton of fun chasing my toddler around while designing,  knitting this sweater, and then, taking photos of him in the sweater. 

we have some bloopers-




Not cute, kinda cute. 

and some decent ones. 



But, I can't let you have all the cute baby pictures- or you wouldn't download this free pattern!


In solidarity with toddler caregivers everywhere- I want to offer this pattern free to anyone who has a toddler to knit for. This sweater was designed to grow with your toddler, to go into the washing machine, (super wash wool) and to endure the oncoming Wisconsin winter. 


I designed this sweater, and test knit it twice, with slight color variations, and both times it came out darling as ever, and i can assure you, he is quite warm and toasty. 


Alright, one more. 


Remember you can only download this pattern for free from!