Newborn Website, New Heights.

due to unfortunate limitations with etsy, I am excited to announce the arrival of this new baby website. it, of course like any newborn is requiring a lot of attention- but I think it is a vast improvement. Don't you?

I will be uploading any relevant content from the old website and blogging it here. (done)

While spending quite a bit of time and money on etsy, I realized that my attachment to the ease of use for me was holding back my brand and my potential as a business owner, I am seeking new heights, and launching myself into the inter webs, knowing I was born to fly. 

I will (for now) be keeping the etsy page, and operating the majority of business through this website. I know it will prove easier for you, and me in the long run. Hang in there folks! thank you. 

The management (and everything else)


Lauren McElroyComment