Oh, Do allow me to be proud of myself here!

I just completed and published 7 new patterns! they have been made available on this website, on etsy and soon they will be made available on ravelry as well. 

we should probably be friends on ravelry is we are not already- click the button below to access that. But don't expect the patterns to be there for another few days- I do have other things to be getting on with. 


That being said I am super, excited that I was able to accomplish getting all these patterns ready for distribution. and now all of you can enjoy these sweet summer knits!

I must say, this was no easy task with an 11 month old,  always poised for his next move, and tangled yarn to contend with. But I am beyond overjoyed that I get to share these patterns with you, and not an apologetic letter saying how I meant to do this or that. 

so, Please, enjoy! 

Lauren McElroyComment