"Braiding Sweetgrass" A New Pattern To be Released!

I was so inspired by Robin wall kimmerer's  Book braiding sweetgrass, that while listening to it on tape, I designed, and knit this sweater. 


There are so many stories in this work, that I listen to over and over again. her words reach into the wisdom of the past and are profound, and poignant for today's world. 

I began this book shortly after meeting in person, sweetgrass. and loved every sentiment, relating to her. As I braided sweetgrass this year, I felt so close to her, like I was braiding the hair of my mother. caring for her, and giving back. running my fingers through her long tresses. 

I never before had words for what she calls the language of animacy.  and now, this concept so dear to my heart, talking about the world around us, assigning language that befits the aliveness within, is so incredibly beautiful and an awareness building practice that I will carry with me. 

As I was listening, my husband caught wind of an excerpt while Robin spoke of algae, and now we are listening together on long car trips. 

As part of the Equinox series to be released later this month, The "braiding sweetgrass" pattern will also be released. 

I hope you are as excited as I am! 

Stay tuned! 




Lauren McElroyComment