Pattern Giveaway!


*pattern giveaway!*
This pattern is all ready to go- except, it has no name! So I am calling on all of you to help me name it! 
Rules: submit your suggested name in a comment on instagram or Facebook, like the post on instagram or Facebook, and tag one friend.


The best name wins! The winner will have their suggested name chosen, a shout-out on the pattern if they wish, and they will receive a free pattern.
Some info about the design: The design was inspired by the shawl that Lupita Nyong’o wears as the character Nakia in the black panther movie. It’s a möbius wrap, with several lace techniques and multiple textured stitch patterns and color changes/variegations. 

Of course marvel comics has a trademark on all characters and words associated with the marvel universe, so, keep that in mind when suggesting a name! Good luck to us both! And thank you! ❤️
Ps. Ask questions if you have any! 




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