Ten of Cups! Knitting Pattern

Ten of Cups! Knitting Pattern


The Ten of Cups a new knitting pattern inspired by the presence of the tarot in my life again, the winter solstice, and to loving what’s present in life at this moment.

The Card in the Tarot, the ten of cups, traditionally, and frequently features rainbows, and whenever I pull the ten of cups from my deck I know to look around me and stay present for the joys in this moment, come to life with the heart of a child, and cherish the present. there are so many gifts in life, and more often than not it is easy to overlook them, and like the rainbow, these joys, loves, laughter, can be fleeting. So, the gentle reminder to look around and be in the moment while it is here is always a welcome message from the ten of cups.

The knitting pattern is a written pattern with seamless yoke top down construction, erratic striping, and short rows. there are quite a lot of ends to weave in on this one, but the squishy merino/cashmere sweater that is the result is soooo worth it.

sleeves, and length can be adapted. sizing is based on bust size (36-54)

I’m loving this one, I am donning my gay apparel, and not taking it off until yule is over! kidding, not kidding.

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