Warrior Wrap (Black Panther Inspired) Knitting Pattern

Warrior Wrap (Black Panther Inspired) Knitting Pattern


I saw the Black Panther movie, and was instantly drawn in by the knitted shawl that Lupita (nakia) wears during one of the scenes.

I knew it was just too iconic not make. Whenever knitting makes it to the big screen, it's a big deal, and, being a woman of color myself, the black panther movie, was important for me.

So began the search for the yarn used, I found out the yarn by sight, and asking around at the yarn company's that produced them, and decided to go with my own color choices anyway.

I used a local indie dyer (ewetopia) their yarn is available online, and a self striping merino from berroco.

When I was about 3/4 of the way done HANDKNITTING and designing the shawl and writing the pattern, the machine knit pattern came out for free here on ravelry. Nevertheless, she persisted.

I finished the shawl a few short weeks after the pattern took the internet by storm.

this shawl is not an exact replica of what was seen in the movie, but is my interpretation of what I saw, and was inspired to create.

the shawl is a Möbius Wrap that uses multiple textured stitch patterns and various Lace patterns.

Knit with 4 fingering weight yarns.

the wrap is knit flat and sewn together at the end with a single half twist to create the Möbius.

the wrap is very versatile and can worn many ways.

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