Knitting challenge for march!

I enjoyed the one for February so much, even though i got in at just the last minute, I had to make one for march, so join me in knitting this month?

March is a long month, and approaching JUST sweater weather for us northerners. We all love knitting, and are bound to be knitting all month. 

so, lets settle in for the long haul, pick up our needles, (and our cameras) and share with one another what we’re up to. 


I suggest: 


March 1: introduction

March 2: colorwork

March 3: cables

March 4: lace

March 5: current project

March 6: #knitting in public

March 7: baby knits

March 8: summer knits

March 9: headgear

March 10: favorite yarn

March 11: best needle size

March 12: matching outfits

March 13: SHOW OFF!

March 14: gifts

March 15: stash

March 16: craftivism (did you go to any marches lately?) planning on doing so? brain hats anyone?

March 17: merino

March 18: sweater weather!

march 19: let’s cast on!

March 20: finally done!

March 21: frogged or frustrated. 

march 22: amigurumi knitting

march 23: how many projects are on the needles?

March 24: knitting technique 

March 25: who taught you to knit?

march 26: wish list

March 27:  let’s KAL. How about, fingerless mitts by the end of the month?

March 28: alpaca

march 29: cozy necks

march 30: what you learned this month about knitting/knitters

march 31: everything you cast on or off this month in one big picture. 


remember to use the hashtag #marchonknitting this month! 

What do you say? Join me?

and let's all follow each other on instagram. (@motherofpurll1)