A view from my new window

The posting of content has been sparse lately. This is due, almost exclusively to the fact that I have just moved into a new house. with a new space comes peace of mind, organization and tons of work. 

We painted our bedroom orange, yes, and I love it. 

I have a knitting corner! a whole corner devoted to knitting. I am keeping my stash, (ever growing) and accoutrements in this corner and it looks pretty great. also, my fiancé does not have to look at it! as it is now tucked away and not strewn all over the living room. such a big improvement. 

and, in keeping with tradition, I will show you the lovely view from my window, because it snowed. 

anyway, #marchonknitting is a go, so participate and get yourself out there! see my blog post from yesterday for the details! tomorrow is cable day, mmm my favorite.

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