Bring it on! or shall I say, spring it on. no, no, I shan't.

Never the less- spring is upon us! April is coming quite soon, and I really want to get a knitting, or generally, fiber arts challenge going. 

so, I have compiled a list of prompts for everyday during the month of April. 

The suggestions are still open, even though there seems to be a prompt for each day, any of them can be changed. 

as it stands now- this is the working list, stay tuned. 


A very astute individual pointed out that my original hashtag idea could have issues, ( I will not repeat it here, for fear of the internet algorithm) 

But, I did think of a new one- #yarnspringseternal

what do you think?



The idea is that we can all unite under one hashtag for this month, discover one another on various social media platforms, and connect about what we’re passionate about. which is in this case, the fiber arts. 

so cast on, or warp speed, however you do!


april 1- foolish. 

april 2- #goals

april 3- introduction

april 4- self striping yarn

april 5 - yarn bowl

april 6 - books on tape?

april 7- warp speed!

april 8 - my own pattern! or favorite pattern

april 9- wrong side

april 10 right side

april 11- how fast can you go?

april 12- biggest

april 13- weave

april 14- #goodfriday

april 15- how many projects do you have going?

april 16 - #easter

april 17- picking up stitches

april 18- knitting in the car

april 19- knitting in the round

april- 20- shawl

april 21- amigurumi knitting

april 22- #earthday #sciencemarch

april 23- afghan

april 24- short rows

april 25- technique. picker? flicker? thrower?

april 26- current #wip

april 27- brioche

april 28- herringbone

april 29- may flowers.

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