What I learned from Knitting- March

Adventures in social media, turning a heel, and dishes in the sink.

#marchonknitting ? you ask? probably never even heard of it, 

I tried to get this hashtag going. not very effective. 

I hope that next month's hashtag will be more successful, as I have put the word out there much more. #yarnspringseternal

I hope it doesn't end up proving my insanity, by trying the same thing twice, but, we'll give it another go. 

maybe I've got to come up with a 365 knitting challenge? maybe that's just more of the same mess. 

In other knitting news-

This month, I learned to turn a heel, the magical concept that all knitters approach with reverence, and, from what i've noticed, some timidity. 

having never done it before, and not working with a pattern, I decided to visit the local yarn shop that I frequent, and ask for assistance. 

the yarn is a lovely hand dyed by ewetopiafibers, in merino wool, and a titch, of nylon- for stretch. 

I had worked my ribbing to a tolerable length, in a 4 by back cable, made the sturdy heel with a slip one, k1, and was ready to "turn the heel"

As I approached the yarn shop at the appointed knitting group time, a time at which I thought people would be at ease to help me, I found everything in a bustle, the owners of the shop were literally on their way out the door, headed to interweave's fiber fest in Colorado. 

I was a little jealous, to not also be on my way to the fiber fest, but more concerned at the moment about turning my heel. 

They very obligingly agreed to help me, and we had that done in about 10 minutes. Once you show a knitter something once, there really is no need to do it again. I was very grateful, and soon on my way again, to the next order of business for the day, Choir. 


Knitting in the car, right after the heel was turned! 

Knitting in the car, right after the heel was turned! 

I have been working the whole thing on a circular needle, it is really quite pleasant, and because it is so light, it makes it the perfect project to take out and about. 


Cable Ribbing, and a staghorn cable on the foot. 

Cable Ribbing, and a staghorn cable on the foot. 

Don't mind that broke cable needle there- it works just fine thank you!

this month I have learned a few things about my knitterly self. 

1. I prefer circular needles, even if I am not working in the round. 

2. always take a project with you, you never know when you'll have 5 seconds to get a few stitches in. 

3. Babies love to play with measuring tapes, so, as long as you can knit without  watching and keep your eyes on the child, , you might as well pack one of those in your project bag. You may need it, not only for measuring, but for distraction purposes as well. 

4. The dishes can be done later, thank goodness for two sided ceramic sinks. 

Simeon and his tape.

Simeon and his tape.

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