April Begins today, as i'm sure you are aware. 

and with it is the new fiber arts challenge for this month. 

use the #yarnspringseternal when you share a photo, based on the following daily prompts. 

who's with me?!


similar to the whole #yarnlovechallenge the idea is that we can connect on other social media platforms.


april 1- foolish. 

april 2- #goals

april 3- introduction

april 4- self striping yarn

april 5 - yarn bowl

april 6 - books on tape?

april 7- warp speed!

april 8 - my own pattern! or favorite pattern

april 9- wrong side

april 10 right side

april 11- how fast can you go?

april 12- biggest

april 13- weave

april 14- #goodfriday 

april 15- how many projects do you have going?

april 16 - #easter

april 17- picking up stitches

april 18- knitting in the car

april 19- knitting in the round

april- 20- shawl

april 21- amigurumi knitting

april 22- #earthday #sciencemarch

april 23- afghan

april 24- short rows

april 25- technique. picker? flicker? thrower?

april 26- current #wip



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