New directions for MotherofPurl

Hi all!

As part of my solstice intentions / new years resolutions I set out with the notion that I was going to move this business somewhere. 

And, as a result of a late night conversation, lots of organizing goals, dreaming of the possibilities, considering my priorities, and purpose. I have decided to move MotherofPurl in a a new direction. 

yes, yes, of course, I will still make such and such for you, and yes, I can definitely knit that.

BUT, I am very excited to announce that I am going to be catering to the audience of creators! Knitters, Crocheter's, and yarn enthusiasts alike!

As you may already know, I make my own patterns, and I love designing, I love one of a kind garments, and historically inspired outfits, it's part of who I am. I am going to keep those patterns coming.


I also recently discovered my love for spinning, creating yarn, the basis for clothing. 


I love making things from scratch, so as a knitter, it was only a matter of time before I wanted something more- I wanted to create the yarn used to make beautiful garments. 

not only that, I wanted to do it all by hand, from step one. 

I am taking hand sheered fleeces, processing them by skirting, cleaning, picking, carding, and spinning all by hand. and no surprise, I love it. 


At any given moment during the day, I am touching wool. The nourishing lanolin, the fluffy goodness of the freshly carded wool,  knitting something up between two needles, and the product- whether it be a finished object, or a lovely skein of twisted yarn. 

I know what it is to be a knitter, to see the palate of yarn, the color, the loft, and to fall in love- to see the end result in your mind as you feel the yarn sliding through your fingers. 

I know what it is to love wool, the warmth, the comfort, the soft and delicate feel, not only that, the true sustainability and practicality of the fiber itself. To love the sheep for improving the pastures and biodiversity of our landscape.

I know what it is to appreciate hand work, to value a hand made item, and I know the desire, the need to create. 

and, I think you all do to. because, that's what we are, we are creators.

We make stuff. it's pretty cool. 



Therefore I am proud to announce that I will be selling hand spun yarns, and patterns primarily. 

enjoy, create, explore. 

Thank you, 


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