Natural Undyed Handspun Yarn


Hanging to Dry

A Stable and Balanced ply

I am currently working with this awesome shetland wool and romney wool. 

I decided to ply the two stands together so you can clearly see the twist. 

the Romney wool is very beautiful variegated fleece, and the shetland is a lovely shade of cream that adds consistency to the yarn. 


I have been processing the yarn from raw fleece, skirting, washing, carding, and spinning the fibers all by hand. 


Shetland Fleece

Freshly Carded

I love learning to do things from scratch. Learning every step of the art.  I knew when I started knitting, that I would eventually want to work out the whole process, and here I am, only 6 years later embarking on this incredible fiber journey. 


Romney Fleece

Being Handcarded

I love the smell of wet wool, the feel of the fibers separating in my fingers, and the lanolin that's left on my hands as I process the wool. 

Each time the wool passes through my hands, in skirting, washing, picking, carding, and spinning it becomes softer and cleaner, transforming into yarn that can be made into fabric.


Starting today, this yarn is being made available to you for purchase! get some while supplies last, as I only have so many fleeces to work with!