Elm Leaves Raglan Knitting Pattern

The moment I saw this color way in ewetopia fiber shop, I had to have it. 

it did not matter that I had no plans for this mauve kid mohair, and matching sock yarn. 

The soft halo of the mohair drew me in and I was in love. 

Little did I know that my favorite sweater to date was in the offing for me. It was a testament to how much I adored this yarn, that I actually made a gauge swatch, checked it twice, did all the math, and finally cast on this sweater. 


I knew as soon as I started that it was going to take FOREVER, why did I ever decide to make a sweater out of sock yarn, who thought that was a good idea? I did. I had this vision in my head of delicate little leaves falling down the side of the sweater, landing in a glorious leaf pile, just in time for fall. round and round I went in stockinette, increasing for my arms, checking the fit as I went. Th knitting gods had smiled upon me, it was perfect. 


Knit from the top down with raglan seamless construction. The collar is picked up at the end. 

This sweater has become my go to for my winter wardrobe.

Knit with double stranded merino sock yarn and kid mohair lace, this sweater casts a haze of simplicity and elegance on anyone who gazes upon it. 


I would say, the sleeves took the longest to knit, yes, I was just going around and around in stockinette stitch, but those double pointed needles sure take a lot of fiddling, next time, I'll opt for the small circulars. 


The joy of this yarn did not end when the sweater did, I even had enough leftover yarn to knit a pair of socks for my toddler! 

Lauren McElroyComment