Sugaring Shrug Free Pattern and Kits

I spun some yarn from shetland and romney fleeces, and then HAD to knit some up to see them in their full glory.

The yarn truly had a mind of its own, I started out thinking that I was going to make a sweater, then changing it to a tunic, when I finally realized that this yarn wanted to be a shrug.  I was encouraged to continue knitting by a friend, who suggested a that it would be perfect for the up and coming maple sugar season, when we all need a little layer on our shoulders, but not too much as we haul around sap buckets. 

I wasn't entirely happy with it until I finished- thinking it was going to be too small, too impractical, too scratchy, too this or that. this changed after I blocked the shrug and put it on for the first time. 

It was perfect, and now I wear it every time I collect maple sap, which has been everyday this week, thanks to the lovely wisconsin spring weather. The yarn knew what it wanted to be after all, luckily I listened to the yarn as it grew into being. 




In order to create that handspun look, make sure you get everything to make the shrug this season. 

The kit includes the yarn needed to complete the project, the printed pattern, and one wooden button. 

Lauren McElroyComment